wtf usa

posted Wed, November 09, 2016 - 2:38 pm.

yesterday was brutal. by 8:30pm I was in bed with a migraine.

I woke up around midnight with my wife in bed crying next to me. at that time it still wasn’t called but it wasn’t looking good.

a faint glimmer of hope was felt when Clinton said she was going home for the night, maybe just maybe they knew something about the counts still coming in… doubtful but maybe, just maybe. i switched from the news to Hulu, thinking I could watch something to cheer me up. nothing looked like it would cheer me up.

I turned off the tv, took a sleeping pill and went to bed.

three things that make me have some hope to help me the next two years…

  1. the republicans, trump and those that voted for him own this 100% now. they have nobody to blame when things go wrong. I see no way they can succeed with anything because they ALWAYS overreach when in power. always.
  2. in two years the house and senate can be back in responsible hands. lets make that happen.
  3. Minnesota kept their streak alive and did not vote to put trump in office. barely but I have faith in my great state of Minnesota.