wtf usa

yesterday was brutal. by 8:30pm I was in bed with a migraine.

I woke up around midnight with my wife in bed crying next to me. at that time it still wasn’t called but it wasn’t looking good.

a faint glimmer of hope was felt when Clinton said she was going home for the night, maybe just maybe they knew something about the counts still coming in… doubtful but maybe, just maybe. i switched from the news to Hulu, thinking I could watch something to cheer me up. nothing looked like it would cheer me up.

I turned off the tv, took a sleeping pill and went to bed.

three things that make me have some hope to help me the next two years…

  1. the republicans, trump and those that voted for him own this 100% now. they have nobody to blame when things go wrong. I see no way they can succeed with anything because they ALWAYS overreach when in power. always.
  2. in two years the house and senate can be back in responsible hands. lets make that happen.
  3. Minnesota kept their streak alive and did not vote to put trump in office. barely but I have faith in my great state of Minnesota.



joel mark of nectarine

i am trying to find joel mark of the band nectarine.

this morning i decided to see what the oldest email i had was. it was from 2004. a letter from joel reminiscing on his visits to fargo back when i booked shows (he was here with nectarine and cynthia dall).

i tried to reply but of course 12 years later his email had changed. so now i have the sadz…


original yahtzeen site

wow, this is bad.

yahtzeen from 1995(?).


Jennifer’s Veil 2015

in 1988 i was in a band called jennifer’s veil. so was andrew charon.

this past weekend andrew and i updated two of the songs, you can listen to the works in progress plus the original 1998 versions here.


breast cancer

two weeks ago my wife jess was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. two days ago she had surgery to remove the tumor. four weeks from now she starts 20 weeks of chemo. followed by 6 weeks of radiation.

this sucks. but so far things have been going pretty good, as good as things can go when a person has cancer.

jess, i love you.



so, i have sarcoidosis. i’ve been on prednisone for about 8 months and have GAINED some weight. today is day one in losing the weight.

hello myfitnesspal! I’m very vain and need to lose weight before BASH 15.



i am boring. very boring.

i’ll try to be less boring.


cutting the cord

shortly i will be cutting the cord. good bye directv.

we now watch the majority of our television via Netflix, Amazon and sometimes Hulu. what little we do watch that isn’t available the antenna on our roof we’ll save money buying them than paying for directv. even after buying 2 TiVo’s AND a slingbox (to throw on my mom’s tv just in case I need to watch Chris Hayes or a Twins game) we’ll still come out ahead on the money side.

the slingbox seems like a bit of a cop out but we had decided to do this prior to the boston bombings. it was then i realized that the next time something was happening in the world i wouldn’t be able to get my 24hr news fix. so hello slingbox.


who does this?

some cruel waste of a human dragged this poor dog behind their car and left him to die. i read the story while donating plasma this morning so i donated my cash for the day. lucky for Freckles today was a $50 donation.

wish i could give 10x that. 100x. 1000x. if i ever win the lottery I’m starting a dog rescue ranch. fuck that, animal rescue. all animals.



i am off to vote. can’t wait to get my sticker.


28 days

i can’t believe how easy it has been to stop drinking soda. or more specifically mountain dew. but it was easy. i don’t even think about soda.

i’m convinced it comes down to willpower. now i need to find out if you need the same amount of willpower to do other things. my wife still drinks soda so there is soda in the house but i have no interest. she made cookies a few days ago though and i have zero self-control with those around.

maybe i didn’t try hard enough. or maybe they were just fucking delicious.


Dave Smalley - Circles

i finally got around to listening to this today, a preview of his kickstarter campaign that i got by backing it.

i like it. quite good. of course i love dag nasty to pieces. i lived in DC at that time and i tried to never miss a show. in fact i lucked out and saw their first show shortly after moving there.

can’t wait to hear the rest of the ep.



it has been 10 days since my last can of soda. i feel great.

going cold turkey is best for me i have found when quitting something. trying to slowly wean myself off, that doesn’t work so well.


my finger vs battleship

yesterday i sliced open the tip of a finger pretty good. nice deep cut. last night i went to see battleship with a friend.

i’m not sure which was worse, the injury or the movie.


new site. new words.

i was going to copy all the posts from philleitch.com to my new home here.

instead i think i will leave them there, everything but the farchives. those are coming with me.



i am moving from philleitch.com to pleitch.com. exciting.

two reasons. 1. i like this domain better. 2. through stupidity i couldn’t login to my other site anymore. long story and i won’t bore you. i’m working on moving everything over to the new site via cut/paste.

so yeah.



nasty pt. II

from issue #1 of Nasty, sidebar items.

When you hear these famous pick-up lines from Phil and Andrew:

P & A: Can I take some pictures of you?
A: Wanna help me make some tie-dyes?
P: Will you have my baby?
A: Wanna come over and watch 90210?
P: Have you seen my little black book? ‘
A: Hey, can I buy you a shot of jagermeister?
P: Wanna come over and watch “The punishment of Ann” or “Caligula?”


hairy chest
“melodic”/lethargic speech
self-proclaimed mysticism
striking resemblance to John Lamb
his taco bell-u

chocolate milk breath
his Bette Davis eyes
infatuation with Madonna

(note: for the record, I still say “the punishment of anne” is still a worthwhile movie to watch. “caligula” you could live without seeing.)

setlist, godheadSilo

my setlist from the first (and my only) godheadSilo show.

“cherry baby”

song i recorded myself (joel lee contributes bass, i did everything else). thought i had lost it but found a copy on an old hard drive this morning. recorded sometime around 1989 give or take a year. vocals done in one shot. made up the lyrics on the spot about a girl in my grade that lived across the street named sherry. to protect her identity i changed her name to cherry.

download it now

nasty pt. I

Text via Acrobat OCR of which I did not proof so blame the mistakes on Adobe, not me.

This special edition zine has been created to commemorate those fabulous Yahtzeen boys, Phil and Andrew, and to give you the poop behind the scoop. Take a dangerous delve into the private lives of two extremely bizarre, idiosyncratic characters. Zine Gods by day, Playboys by night. Many were interviewed (mostly girls) to provide ample gossip and an interesting, highly scandalous, background on the dynamic duo. nasty cannot guarantee that all sources, outside of our own knowledge, are entirely accurate or free from embellishment. However, nasty has skillfully procured confirming photographs of the scandalous accusations. It is nasty’s duty and goal to produce and present all available dirt for your reading enjoyment. nasty takes no responsibility for hearsay or claims made by those outside of the nasty staff.

(from page 3 which is all text)

By now most of us are familiar with Yahtzeen, Phil and Andrew’s special creation. However, many do not know the history behind these men. Phil’s popular involvement with the scene started at the ripe age of about 17 with his first zine “Burnt Toast.” While it was not as high-tech as Yahtzeen, it basically covered the same territory only it was more directed towards those slam dancin’ punk rockers and interviewed local bands such as The Black Listed. Somewhere down the line Phil could no longer contain the musician within and started a band, The Mercy Beat. They played at Fargo’s hot spot The Broadway Junction, and like every rock-God, Phil made poignant speeches dealing with self-realization, coolness, and how one treats others. nasty reca~ls the powerful song about oral sex; The Sugar Shack, and Phil’s autobiographical song; Sex Machine. But most memorable is the show where Phil’s heroism saved Eric Koob from near death as a bunch of ass-hole skin heads wanted to kick his ass. This started Phil’s career as a scene leader and well-known bad ass. Every time I remember Phil singing Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walkin’” my heart skips a beat. Shortly after the break up of The Mercy Beat, Jennifer’s Veil was born, producing the first collaboration between Phil and Andrew. Phil was back and badder than ever with a more sophisticated sound. It was like nothing I had ever heard or had ever hoped to hear, they rocked my bottom!! Andrew was well on his way to becoming a girl toy and scene icon. It was wonderful! I can only thank Gawd for allowing me to witness these amazing stepping stones and the progress of the now, fantastic, highly adored and fawned after zine Gods!! Unfortunately Jennifer’s Veil also broke up, most likely due to laziness and conflicting interests. One can only wonder what the world would be like today had Jennifer’s Veil continued to pursue their musical careers! Talent gone amuck! Such a shame isn’t it?! Well Phil and Andrew both stepped back from the scene for awhile, taking it easy and dating as many girls as possible, sometimes simultaneously! Well this did not appease them, for soon two other bands were formed from the members of Jennifer’s Veil. Phil had a short lived career in godheadSilo and Andrew and Joel created Dandelion Wine, rocking down the Moose Lodge. Now Phil has againn taken up journalism(?) and brought Andrew with him to create your favorite zine ever, Yahtzeen!! And to celebrate their revival we want you to join us in feeling the power, experiencing the emotion. Get nostalgic with us!! The first five people to send in a blank tape can get a free copy of The Mercy Beat!! WOW! Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to nasty, C/O 1114 8th Avenue S, Fargo, ND 58103. (note: this address obviously will not get you a copy of The Mercy Beat tape.)

Throughout Phil’s scene involvement he has always been a girl toy, bombarded by hoards of prepubescent girls hangin’ out at the mall. nasty, however, was unable to determine if this was because he was in a band or if it was because he was/is a natural stud. nasty decided to investigate, We interviewed as many 0 Phil’s ex-loves and just plain flings to get the poop. We discovered that for some it was the band thing (the prepubescents said that it was because he was older and it made them look cool), while others weren’t sure if he was a natural stud but said there was just something pathetic about him that they couldn’t resist. For those old enough to hang out at Ralph’s, it was the fact that his pool nickname was “The Needle” of which he was not ashamed. Others were mesmerized by his radiant smile that enveloped his magical forked-tongue capable of rendering girls helpless. One particular girl that we interviewed said that to this day she was still shocked by his amazing ability to perform “The Nutcracker” in the nude. For most of the girls it was his child-like whining that made them succumb to his perverted desires.

It is only natural that Andrew and Phil would be friends as Andrew is also a hit with the prepubescent mall grrrls. Andrew was not always the bad ass that he is today. nasty was unable to determine what triggered this metamorphosis, but through our extensive interviews we have been able to formulate a few plausible theories. 1) The intensely erotic encounter where he was seduced in the back seat of a car by an older, evil temptress. 2) Or it could have happened when he moved to chicago and delved into the shadows of nude photography, discovering his fixation with the flesh. 3) Or maybe he just got bored due to the lack of culture he found in the F.M. area and decided to follow Phil’s hot and sexy lifestyle. Of the girls we interviewed most said that it was his two-tone attitude, his good boy past, his mamonthly hairy chest, and his ability to create and unidentifiable accent in the midwest. What entrapped most of the girls was his speech about his mysticism and unpredictability, they also enjoyed watching him play the guitar and sing Neil Young songs.

it’s fun, it’s trendy

nasty was a one-off zine by kathi vogel and jill mathias that exposed all the dirt on the men of yahtzeen. this is the cover. more to come.

the blacklisted

the third song from the blacklisted’s cassette is spit me out.

download it now

the mercy beat

the second song from the mercy beat is sex machine. enjoy.

download it now

the blacklisted

the second song from the blacklisted tape is you can’t feel.

download it now

more ram

hard life is newer than most of the other stuff i have laying around, but more people will likely be interested in it than the other stuff.

more ram was a paul sanders project that released a single on fargo’s meat records. this track is pulled from the cassette he originally sent to meat records. hard life is the first of eleven tracks i’ll eventually post.

i wonder if all of the meat records stuff is posted somewhere? i better get on that.

download it now

the mercy beat

shameless self-promotion, the mercy beat were the first band i was in and it’s damn time we were heard! do you think was the first song we recorded over the course of a saturday when we had access to the msu (now msum) recording studio.

download it now

the blacklisted

the blacklisted were one of moorhead’s first punk bands. religious wasteland is the first song from their never released first recording session.

download it now